Silverstone strider 850w silver. on off and volt select ??

hey guys just wondering if anyone could tell me how to check my voltage input for my sliverstone psu. i bought it from the us and i live in aus so i need to know of its set to 115v or 240v that and it dosnt appear to have an on off switch. if anyone knows were either of these switches or toggles are please let me know.
thanks jesse
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  1. There is no power switch.

    The input voltage is auto-detected.

    Input Voltage
    90V ~ 264V ( Auto Range )

    You will see that in the specs which means it does it for you. Power supplies have been auto selecting the input voltage for some time now you only see the red voltage switch on cheapo no name power supplies or just really old units.
  3. On/off is controlled from the motherboard via the 20/24 pin bus.
  4. awesome i thought that was the case from reading the book but i wasnt sure
    thanks everyone
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