Are most ssd hard drives 2.5 inch and do they work well on desktop pc'

Hi i was wondering if all ssd hard drives were 2.5 inches because when i was looking for one it there was only 2.5 inch ones i could find
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  1. It is all 2.5" ssd can be both used on laptop and desktop, don't worry about that. There will be holes for you to screw in to the hdd bracket, if you buy something say an intel 520 there are mounting bracket included.
  2. Yes, the mass majority of ssd's are 2.5". There are pci-e ssd's, but those are more expansive and harder to find than regular sata drives. What's wrong with 2.5" drives?
  3. I'm fairly sure most SSD drives are of the 2.5" variety. You can easily find a drive bay converter bracket to fit the smaller SSD if that is what your wondering about. I purchased a Samsung 840 SSD about 4 months ago and was probably one of the best purchases i've made regarding upgrading my PC.
  4. I think he is afraid that he is looking at laptop ssd which it isn't, its all compatible.
  5. Most SSDs come in a 2.5" size format. Within this format, there are varying thicknesses of drives. If you are putting it into a laptop, you want to figure out what thickness of a drive your computer can accept.

    The other common SSD sizes are mSATA format. They are little cards that are commonly used in ultrabooks, the new mac book pros, and other space contrained devices. Their prices are on par with regular SSDs.

    Lastly, there are PCIe SSDs, but those tend to be very expensive.
  6. I think they may have had some 3.5 in SSDs, but it was a short lived idea.

    Most cases now hold 2.5 inch drives as well as 3.5.

    For cases that do not, adapters are made.

    I personally like the ones that are 2 metal rails on either side(top right in image) because they can hold 2 drives AND can be used with ANY type of case. Some of the sled style adapters do not work on some case types(mostly older cases).
  7. ^ above posts are correct.
    Not sure if the still make SSDs in the 3.5" formfactor. They did for several of the older Sata II drives.

    But Never fear:
    1) Almost all NEW cases come with mounting holes/bays for 2.5 " HDD or SSDs
    2) The connectors (power and Data) are exactily the same - So they plug in just the same as a 3/5" HDD
    3) No Bay, no sweat (just one ex):

    Reason, SSDs just do not need the space requirement, so there was no demand for the large 3.5".

    Example of 3.5" sata III SSDs
  8. There are 3.5" SSDs, but are rare. The market has shifted towrds 2,5"as they are smaller and therefore there can be twice as much drives inside one case. There are already 2.5" 2TB SSDs.

    You want this converter, it takes 1 3.5"slot and puts 2x 2.5"SSDs in it:
  9. I am just noticing that BOTH the above posts have adapters that also work with all case types. Nice to see a single piece adapter like that.

    My cheap adapters work fine for me :)
  10. Thanks everyone for the help
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