Have I ordered the wrong CPU cooler? Urgent advice needed

Hi, I ordered a new set of parts to upgrade my main PC, but the 2 important parts;
Motherboard: Asus P8P67-M PRO mATX
Cooler: Titan Fenrir Evo

I read yesterday that some Sandybridge motherboards had less clearence around the CPU area than most motherboards and so the fenrir (very low ground clearance) may not fit some Sandybridge motherboards.

Can anyone tell me whether this Cooler will fit on this motherboard? If not I need to call to change my order very soon as payment has already been authorized with it due to be despatched later today or tomorrow (ordered for delivery on thursday).

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    You should have no problems with that cooler.
  2. saaiello said:
    You should have no problems with that cooler.

    Thanks, put my mind at some ease lol
    Don't suppose anyone else has any actual experience with this though do they?

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