HP 625 failing to start.


I have an HP 625 laptop bought 3 months ago, pre-loaded with Win 7 pro. When I was operating this morning using Excel - the application just hunged and I could not do anything else. Then I switched it off manually with the power button. Since that switching off, I can no longer get it to start again. The screen is just blank not even a signal of any power but the processor seems to be working.
Any assistance pliz ;[

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  1. Did you try taking out the battery and only plugging in the A/C Adapter and try turning it on?
  2. Yes I did, but it still did not power up. Now I followed the manual to open it up and test the board and processor, later I found out that it was the mother board which had a problem, the laptop has been returned since it was still under warranty.
    I appreciate for your input..
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