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I'm hoping someone can help me with this, it's making me crazy. I tried to use my USB flash drive last night on one of my PCs to create a bootable Vista flash drive and succeeded. Later that night I tried to use it again and while it went through the loading bar of loading all the files, nothing actually came up on the screen once it was done. So today I plugged the USB drive back into my working computer to see what was up.

-The files were all there and it seemed functional; I deleted all the files off it and tried to put them back on the drive from a copy I made on the working computer.

-Halfway through this transfer it gave me an error message that it couldn't transfer one of the files, claiming that the wrong diskette was inserted? (I don't even have a disk drive...)

-I gave up on that, stopped the transfer, and then Windows Vista told me it needed to the format the drive in order to use it. All attempts to format failed. I then took the advice I found online and went through Computer Management/Disk Management to try and format. Quick Format failed, I tried to do regular format (fat32) and it ran for about an hour, only getting to 1%, then also failed.

-After this point the USB drive is no longer recognized by my system. Device Manager shows a USB Mass Storage Device being plugged in, but it's supposedly got a driver error (there are no drivers available for this drive through its manufacturer, Kingston), Computer Management doesn't recognize it's plugged in, My Computer doesn't recognize it.

-I've tried restarting the computer repeatedly, and it does recognize that it's plugged in initially, but searches for a driver, fails, and then it doesn't work.

There's nothing currently on this flash drive but I'd really like to be able to use it and I'm out of ideas. Can anyone offer some ideas?
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  1. If it helps, I just tried plugging it in to another computer (Win XP) and it did the same thing. Recognizes it as a Flash Drive, doesn't actually add it to the My Computer listings.
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