TerraTec DMX6fire 24/96 sound card problems.

Hi all. Looking for a little help. Anybody know were I can get hold of the installation disc for a DMX6Fire 24/96 pci. Moved house, PC died and now the disc is gone. Been in touch with TerraTec, Ha, they are not interested as it is not supported anymore, all they said was there were drivers available....
Willing to pay postage for a copy/backup.

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  1. Found drivers for XP 64bit and Vista 32/64bit its a beta driver but it looks legit to me. The Vista driver will also work with Windows 7. I am guessing due to the age of the card it was never updated for anything but Windows XP 32bit.

    What OS you running I will look around some more and see what I can dig up..

    (Edit) LOL Forgot link.

  2. Thank you very much for your help.
    Was going to put it back into my old machine that has XP but might install it in my new system that has Windows 7 if the new Vista drivers work.
    Do you know were I might find a copy of the Stienberg Wavelab Lite software that came on the instal disc. Was using that for converting my Vinyl collection to 24bit files.
  3. You ask and you shall receive.


    Remember Google is your friend it might take a few pages of reading sometimes, but Google rarely lets me down
  4. Thanks again.
    I did try Google but all I got was Steinberg's latest software for large amounts of money. Only problem with the archive is that it only seems to be patches and not the 'Lite' package that came on the disc. I'll keep looking.
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