How to get SPDIF from motherboard?


I just got a THX compatible ASRock 970 extreme 4 board. It has co-axial and toslink out in its I/O panel. I found the SPDIF connector on the board but there is no cable to connect it or to what???

How can I connect this?

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  1. umm do you need SPDIF for any particular reason?
    Not aware any motherboard does come with that cable cause hardly anyone uses it.
  2. i want to connect my computer with toslink to my Z5500 logitech speaker set. I can't use the SPDIF without that cable. One end goes to motherboard connector....but where does the second end go????
  3. Huh?!

    ASRock 970 extreme 4
    Rear I/O:
    - 1 x Coaxial SPDIF Out Port
    - 1 x Optical SPDIF Out Port
    left to right on bottom: 1. PS/2, Coaxial, and Optical...

    Z-5500 -
    Optical ; manual -
  4. i know where they are thanks for the help. But you can't use them unless you connect these ports to the motherboard right? Where would they get their power from otherwise?

    I just read that the SPDIF connector on the board needs to be connected to the VGA card.
    Unless these I/O ports are powered by the board itself and the other ones are just for VGA card if it has SPDIF on its slot.
  5. The Optical SPDIF is (laser) there's no power, the laser is powered off the 24-pin MOBO main, and you need a 'Toslink' cable -> e.g. cheaper 6'

    The SPDIF doesn't need to be connected to the GPU, however IF you use an HDMI (video & audio) connector then you'd need to loop back an 'audio' connection to the Z-5500. So use an DVI -> Monitor and Optical MOBO -> Z-5500.

    Otherwise is the 3mm connections, right, (1x3) and (1x3) as shown above; Front/Rear/Center. The quality of the speakers you'd never hear the difference.
  6. thanks a lot for the help. I thought the optical out from the panel would not work if its not connected to VGA...

    thanks again
  7. You also need to change the Audio output in the Control Panel.

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