Is this a good computer for the price?

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  1. id get a better power supply.. something around 650w 80+ certified. also that gpu is ok.. but considering your other parts.. ok isnt enough.. get atsi's 5850 or a 5830 for the gpu.. a 460 might lag a little in certain games. thats what it do different if it was my rig. :)
  2. the gtx 460 768mb is a great card similar in performance to the HD5830 and currently provides alot of performance for the price. i would recommend going for a HD6850.

    the power supply is pretty good for the price, but you should spend a bit more and go for a power supply that has over 80% efficiency. if your not overclocking then that cpu is fine, but if you are, just go for the cheaper x4 955 and you can reach the same clocks easy.

    im guessing you have your own hard drive, operating system and optical drive.
  3. Thanks, I upgraded the PSU to 630watts for only $10 more. And yeah, my old computer shorted out and the only parts that didn't get fried were my hard drive and old graphics card that I want to replace. I'm probably going to stick with the GTX 460 though, I'm on a tight budget and I don't want to spend $60 or so more for a better card.
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