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I am looking to upgrade my gpu,I currnetly have a 9800 GT and dont want to spend a fortune.
I play ay a 19'. I want a gpu that will play games at descent settings

My other specs are:
Core i5-750
4 gig ram
750 psu
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  1. GTX 460 is a good card for your system.
    I think it's good enough to handle most of games with HIGH setting on 19" monitor. :)
  2. Playing games at Descent settings? Holy smokes, 16 bit color, 3d graphics, playable with a JOYSTICK!

    Congrats to the 3 people who got that joke. In all seriousness, a 460 would be perfectly fine for you as Wa1 suggested.
  3. hahahah... you are such a bad guy borisof007. and yeah with the gtx 460 you will get everything on very high...
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