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WHATS killing my hard drives?

March 4, 2013 2:28:11 AM

My laptop had a problem with randomally freezing and restarting at any point, sometimes it works for days sometimes it works for 5 minutes, it turns out to be that the hard drive was dead. Then I bought two new hard drives and same problem,the laptop is killing the hard drives!The tiger direct guy tested them and they turned out to be dead. He said its probably a motherboard issue, but if it was a motherboard issue, why does the laptop work perfectly when booted in to safe mode or on cds such as hirens boot cd and why can it work a couple of days sometimes without freezing/ restarting? Can it still be a motherboard issue? Also, I was thinking it was overheating,as i got a cooling pad and temperatures are at 40-50, but it could be that the thermal paste is gone, but could overheating be the reason my hard drives are dying. Thank you for the help!