Is this a cheapest 5850 ?

hi guys . we all know that 5850 has many BRANDS which have a diffrence in price ...i recently saw this my country its too cheaper than any other brand .... like this if XFX 5850 is 360$ & ASUS is 400 $
this one is 310$ ...its name is
[[ 5850 Sapphire Vapor X ]]

i wanna know that its a bad quality Brand ? because its cheap & ... please compare it with best brands & say performance diffrence ?
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    Is that the card you mentioned above?
    You can read it's reviews, it's a quite good card.

    But it 2.1 version, so make sure your motherboard pcie slot is 2.0 and NOT 1.1 or 1.0
    1.0 or 1.1 slot can run 2.0 card without trouble.
    2.0 slot can run 2.0 and 2.1 card without trouble.
  2. That is a good card, with a non-reference cooler. It's supposed to be a very good cooler.

    It has good reviews there as well.
  3. The Vapor X is a nice card. Sapphire is well respected and the largest card manufacturer worldwide.
    The only thing about the card is that it doesn't have the ability to raise the voltage on the core for the best overclock. Then again that can be said of all HD5850s outside of the reference model, the Asus DirectCU and MSI Twin Frozr but even without the voltage increase it should still get a nice OC.
  4. Ok its Fine ...but i wanna know if its as great as ASUS or XFX ? because its cheap ...why its that cheap ? COMPARE it with ASUS . GIGA . XFX or if you could get me Benchmarks of it would be great . THANKS . & but away i am not overclocking . just wanna GREAT 5850 for very smooth gaming . i am using 1440 REZ
  5. wow, even HD5770 or GTX460 can maxed out almost every games at 1440 resolution...
    Now you want to buy HD5850, we don't need to give you benchmark, i'm pretty sure you can run any games with HIGHEST setting with that card...
    Sapphire is one of the best brand, just like ASUS and XFX.
  6. Quote:
    Ok its Fine ...but i wanna know if its as great as ASUS or XFX ?

    They all use the same processor and have the same performance. Some cards have a factory overclock which gives them a slight advantage but it really doesn't matter as you can OC any of them on your own and get much better speeds than any factory OC.
    As wa1 pointed out the HD5850 is actually massive overkill for your resolution. If you aren't planning on upgrading you monitor then an HD5770 will be fantastic.
  7. Oh thats great ... do you have any IDea why its that CHEAP ? it has more Memory clock than any other BRAND . its great in cooling ..we are expecting higher price ...ALL i saw was VERY cheaper PRICE ... price was about 5830 this right ? or i saw a wrong number ?!? i am sure i saw right thing . image this ... for example XFX is 360$ & ASUS is 400$ ..THIS card was 309 $ ...i say this price with $ to make things clear for you ... is there such diffrence ?
  8. We can't tell you about the prices you are finding. We can tell you about the card and we have already. I'm not sure what you are asking at this point.
  9. Don't worry about pricing, it's good if you can get that card with cheaper price than any HD5850...
    Again, HD5850 is just overkill for your resolution, if you aren't planning to buy bigger monitor then HD5770 or GTX460 is MORE than enough...
  10. THANKS alot . just say if its cheaper than ASUS & XFX so i gonna get it ...if not i'll surly go for ASUS or cheaper BRAND ...just that .. CAN YOU TELL ME PLEASE ?
  11. WA 1 ... i am little worry about heavy INCOMING games in future .. 1440 REZ is Low rez which 5770 can handle it ...but its not all ... i Wanna MAXOUT . i am playing on XP too if i get 5770 ..will i have PROBLEMS with MAFIA 2 GTA IV ..& arma 2 ? i think 5850 would provide me longer than 5770 ? what do you think now ?
  12. I'm pretty sure you can't maxed out GTA 4, that's a BAD coded game, even high end system are still struggle with that game.
    For a longer term, right?
    What is your FULL specs? For low resolution, CPU is work more harder than GPU, so as long as you don't plan use bigger monitor then a FAST CPU and HD5770 are good for a long term...
  13. here is the rig i am planing to GET .

    CPU: Core i5-760 Quad 2.8GHz
    MOBO:GA P55A UD3
    Ram: KingMax 2x2GB DDR3 1333 MHZ
    PSU: GREEN - GP885B or CORSAIR - TX650

    is this OK ? what about GTA LIBERTY CITY ? its programed better than IV
  14. are you saying that 1440 REZ is a problem for my CPU ?!?!
  15. Not at all, i5 cpu is great enough to handle 1440 resolution, plus if you combine it with HD5770 or GTX460 then i'm sure you can maxed out almost everything.

    So, if you don't plan to upgrade with higher monitor then stay with HD5770/GTX460.
    IF you want to upgrade with bigger monitor then HD5850 is good to go. :)

    i never played GTA Liberty City on PC, but i'm quite sure it's better than GTA 4.
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