ASRock P67 Extreme 4 - Gen3 vs. B3

So I'm looking at these two motherboards trying to decide what will be better suited for my needs!!

CPU - Intel i5-2500k
GPU - Nvidia GTX580
PSU - Corsair Enthusiast Series 750-Watt - Gen3 - B3

I compared the two, but I'm too spec illiterate to know which would be better. As far as I could see, the advantage with the Gen3 is the PCI-E 3, where the B3 only has PCI-E 2. That will probably just be something that will help in the future.... thoughts?

Battlefield 3 will be the main purpose of this machine, and I am installing a 64GB SSD, if that makes a difference.

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  1. You are right it will help some time in the future but I am sure there are some none advertised small bug fixes as well so I recommend the new board over the old.
  2. B3 has the B3 P67 chip that fixes the SATA bug, and like you said, Gen3 has that plus PCIe 3.0 slots but you will need an Ivy Bridge CPU to use them at 3.0 speeds, otherwise they run at 2.0 speeds. Other than that, I believe they are the same. The Gen3 is actually $5 cheaper than the B3 on Newegg, so you might as well get it. If you are planning on upgrading to Ivy Bridge or beyond, then definitely get it.
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