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Hey team, I've noticed a few threads about these kind of PC's recently but none have had the same criteria so any help would be greatly apreciated.

Basicly I am looking to build a PC with the intention of producing music through Cubase and Reason, There is no need at this stage to record any live instruments as the work I do is mainly sample based, wave manipulation and the likes.

The PC of course will need to have a soundcard powerful enough to render HQ Audio.

I'm by no means a computer expert but I feel like an i7 (open to suggestion) with 12 gb of ram some solid state hard drive to run OS and the Programs and to store samples on during the process of creating the song. also a normal HDD for storing data on while not in use.

as far as mother board sound card and all the other little bits and pieces go I have no idea. Ideally 2x 24 inch full hd monitors and a graphics card to support those monitors but the computer will not be used for gaming so there is no requirement to get the latest fastest GC

As far as budget goes I am open to suggestion on that as well although I am by no means loaded so keep that in mind.

Like I said I am no computer expert, but I no how to manipulate waves like a champion :)

Thanks again for any and all help that may be recieved You guys are legends.

Regards, Jonno
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  1. DAWs are CPU/RAM bound machines so starting from the low point: use the 880G integrated HD 4250 for dual displays ^^ Multi display here is modular/scalable so if u need > 2 hit a discrete class Radeon (no gaming = passively cooled, cheap HD 5450?) and use Surround View function to be enabled in BIOS

    From $549 onwards
  2. Good morning,
    Thank you for your reply. I have a question regarding the cpu you have chosen there. Why have you chosen the AMD Phenom II x6 over an i7. ?
    I don't want to sound condicending, like I explained I'm not that computer savy.

    And appologies but what are you trying to show me with the Surround view?
  3. i7 cost a lot. Not to mention the mobo. Power comes with money lol.
  4. It is my understanding that the i7 920 4 core out performs the 1090t 6 core.
    I am from New Zealand, so It's hard for me to picture the price difference as I don't know what country those prices are quoted from. The i7 950 in NZ is $449 at the moment. And benchmark tests show it heavily out performs the 6 core 1090t
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