Installed wrong driver for sapphire

Hello im not too good at computers but i just got a new graphics card for my pc, its a sapphire 6790, today i saw there were new drivers available and when i downloaded it and installed it windows shutdown and then when it started back up everything, icons etc were all large, this is the download i did which a guy on bf3 advised me to do which may not of been the smartest option but anyways can somebody help me please, idont know too much about computers, cheers.
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  1. Have you reset your screen resolution back to normal?
  2. That is the right driver for Vista and Windows 7 64 bit,just adjust your resolution settings

    If it won't let you change the resolution (right click on your desktop and select change resolution or properties), can you download the software at the above link and run it.

    It will tell you what version you're running.

    PS; I have a 6790 and I'm running the 11.11 catalyst drivers on a 6790 (as of today) and I did not have an issue with the resolution defaulting to a lower setting than before.
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