CPU Temp Monitoring software for Quadcore wanted?

Looking for a CPU Temp monitoring software for a Quadcore Intel CPU. Dell Dimension E510.

Tried HWMonitor and it does not show the CPU? Speed Fan either?
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  1. try realtemp.
  2. Or:
    1) see if your computer/motherboard has an application designed for it
    2) http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php
    3) http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/
    4) http://www.cputhermometer.com/

    *Note: many computers have a setting in the BIOS to turn on automatic fan control. It varies between computers (some have none). If you DO have it you must have a proper fan plugged into the proper CPU fan control spot on the motherboard AND have the BIOS set right. Mine was set to "AUTO" but my non-stock fan actually needed "Voltage" set to work.

    If your fan control doesn't work right it will spin to 100%.

    If you decide to purchase a better heatsink/fan combo you should see if you have motherboard fan control. If you don't, it might be best to get a LARGE heatsink (measure carefully) and put on your on VERY LOW SPEED/NOISE fan.

    A $40 heatsink/fan can make a huge difference in how much your fan speeds up and how much noise you hear. My fan never even comes on unless I'm stressing my CPU (i7-860).

    Example of a proper fan setup:
    1) 120mm fan (front, bottom, constant RPM, VERY LOW NOISE/SPEED)
    2) 120mm fan (top, rear, constant RPM , VERY LOW NOISE/SPEED)
    3) 120mm fan (CPU heatsink, RPM varies. Hardware control. set in BIOS)
    4) 120mm fan (PSU, RPM varies; controlled by PSU)
    5) Graphics card fan (RPMS varies; controlled by graphics card hardware)

    *Note that there is a dual method of setting up proper air flow:
    1) Fan speeds vary CLOSEST TO WHERE PARTS GET HOT (like the CPU or GPU)
    2) Fan speeds remain CONSTANT to maintain overall case air flow ( in general, from bottom-front to top-rear)
  3. Realtemp and Coretemp are the most widely used.
  4. http://www.protemac.com/keybag/ - good mac monitoring soft
  5. http://www.protemac.com/keybag/ - really good mac monitoring soft
  6. for mac i'd recomend www_protemac_com/keybag/
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