MASSIVE Driver Problems for the 5970!

The past 3 hours, I've tried to install these drivers, and it just wont do it, it keeps saying "Installation complete(Warnings occurred, etc)"

When i view the log, it says

ATI Display Driver
Final Status: Fail

I've swept the computer from ATI driver files with Driver Sweeper i got from 3dGuru. I reinstalled the basic Driver you get in CD form, it worked, but when i try to install the latest driver, it just pops up with that error.

I'm in desperate need of help!
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  1. I haven't upgraded from 10.4 yet. It's pretty stable for me.
    What were you doing just prior to the problem? i.e., installing a new graphic card.
  2. You should download them directly from AMD's website, not a 3rd party. You might also need to be logged in as admin. You could need to wipe previous drivers from your system. A virus could also cause problems, or even a virus scanner may need to be disabled.

    Download from here:

    If it still fails, you could try to install them in safe mode. A virus scanner or some other software could be getting in the way, and safe mode will not load those items.
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