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To upgrade or not...what would you do??

Current system is:
Phenom II 955 @3.6
MSI K9A2 Platinum
4 gig Corsair DDR2 RAM
ATI 3870x2 (had 2 but one died :pfff: )
Vista 64bit

I know both AMD and Intel are releasing their new platforms in the next half-year or so...hopefully :??: ... so the question is to upgrade now or wait a bit?

The rig is mostly used for gaming, then some home office work (no rendering or editing etc.) Newer games are getting a little choppy, but still tolerable.

I will be adding a SSD at some point as well as a new video card and an update to windows7. Should i go ahead and move to those new components or wait.

The vid card will happen; I'm going to wait til the the other 6xxx series come out to check benchmarks.

If i move to those new components, then should I go ahead and get a new mobo and DDR3 RAM?

As i said, it is tolerable. I just have an itch....and I've been to the Dr. and he said there was nothing wrong...

Just wanting to see what opinions were out there and if the performance increase would be worth it now.

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    The reason your games are choppy is because of your graphics card, not the processor/mobo/RAM. The Phenom II X4 955 is still plenty of processor for gaming. The difference between DDR2 and DDR3 is only noticeable in benchmarks, not in gaming.

    Windows 7 is fine, though if you're doing ok on Vista, there's no super need to upgrade.

    SSDs are very nice, but won't improve your gaming performance outside of load times.

    I'd say that you should prioritize getting a new graphics card. Then save up for an SSD and Win 7, since you're going to have to do an OS load on the new SSD, you might as well upgrade the OS at that time too. Don't bother upgrading cpu/mobo/RAM for at least another year, maybe more.
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