Heat problems

Currently I seem to be over heating and have a problem pinpointing the particular problem.

My build is running a phenom II x4 3.2ghz be (955) on windows 7. So far I don't think any particular hardware is causing it, since its been running hot (60c+ @ normal clock speeds).

I think it has something to do with the fan configuration, when we put the computer together my mom's bf insisted on daisy chaining the fans through the power supply and not just connecting them through the mobo. The case has 5 fans, my system only recognizes 3 through hwmonitor of which I can only manually speed 1. This bothers me a lot right now because when I run the fans manually, only one clearly powers up this way while the others dont.

Any guesses of what I can do before my cpu explodes? I'm still running pretty hot underclocking my cpu at 1ghz
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  1. If you plug a fan directly into the PSU and not through the mobo, it should be running as fast as it can. I'm not sure this is the case however because you state "only one clearly powers up this way while the others dont." So you have 5 fans but only one spins?

    If your running 60c, I'd double check the heatsink on your CPU. Perhaps you haven't correctly installed it. This could include the problem of to much thermal paste. (TIM)
  2. As said, try reapplying the HSF

    Also try the fans un-daisy chained to the PSU, see if thats the problem
  3. thanks for the replies, I think we wired the daisy chain wrong since there's a huge difference between the 1 fan and all the other fan speeds ie you really do hear it running. I updated the bios last night and it's only picking up one fan from there too. Going to try out these suggestions later and post if I have any success.
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