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I flashed my striker extreme with the 2002 bin file and now will not boot.I sent off for a programmed bios chip(2002.bin} but it will not boot either.How do I solve this
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  1. Does the mobo have bad capacitors?
  2. Whats better than to answer your own question? This seems to be a common problem not only with striker extreme but other motherboards also.In my case what I found was bad pin connections at the bios socket.To solve this I inserted a sewing needle behind each pin and slightly pushed foward(toward center of socket).I popped the chip in and bios churped like a bird at first error and now all is well. There also seems to be questions on what needs to be plugged up to the board and all you need is the power supply connected.If bios is booting you will hear that beautiful beep at first error.I hope this helps someone else.I wish tho that I thought of this before I ordered that willem eprom programmer.Oh well at least I'll never be caught with a brain dead motherboad again.
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