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Ati Crossfire W/Battlefield BC2

I've been playing battlefield for quite some time now and its worked perfect. I crossfired tw ati 5670's last night(I was playing with just one before) and played all night. worked great. Got on today, and my PC freezes, I get a black screen, and I have to hard boot. It's really pissing me off. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!

Im using windows 7 64 bit
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  1. Specs for the rest of your hardware? Could be a power problem, especially if you're using some sort of pre-built Dell computer. List what PSU, motherboard, RAM, etc. you have to figure out what the problem might be.
  2. Built the PC myself about 3 months ago.

    Intel i7 930
    ASUS P6T SE mobo
    Also just put in an Antec 850w Quattro power supply
    6gb Kingston Ram
    WD 500gb HD
  3. Just tried GTA4 and i got a white lined screen. Everything completely gone
  4. "The P6T supports both SLI and CrossFire X but the P6T SE does away with SLI support and only supports CrossFire X" (

    Cards dont need to be plugged in to the power supply
  5. Okay, let's check out temps too. Are you able to stay in a game for at least 5 minutes or so to test temperatures? Use CPUID HWMonitor to test check your temperatures while it is idle and while it is full load. The cards should not exceed over 85C and the CPU should stay well under 65-70C.:
  6. Program is only showing the one card. Im guessing thats just the program. Games die quickly but I'll try. Idle on desktop its showing 45C
  7. Ya thats just the program. device manager and ati CCC shows both as working properly
  8. K. Game died instantly. saw it get to 48 and thats it, black screen
  9. Device manger says both cards have same driver version. Just crashed while in CCC. I was looking at the setting and it displays a small box for an example of what it looks like. Crash =(
  10. Remove one card and test the system. Does it work properly?
  11. Hey on did account on my phone lol. It crashed just same. Didn't disable crossfire however. CCC doesn't show crossfire option so im assuming its automatically off. But I did crash with just one card. Wtf? I did windows updates last night also?
  12. The only other difference now is my 850w power supply. Could that affect it?

    Going to uninstall single card then reinstall and test it
  13. It can affect it if it became faulty, but it's more than enough power. Are you able to uninstall the drivers without worrying about crashing? Try reinstalling earlier Catalyst versions to see if they are more stable.
  14. K. played mafia 2 on a single card just fine. max temp was 71C
  15. Good idea. I did also download the new CCC driver last night and it might not of taken affect until after the restart last night
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    Okay, just trace retrace or reinstall everything since you started using Crossfire. See if it crashes again.
  17. CCC 10.9 was released earlier this week. I didnt get it until last night becuase i started steam, which has a new video cards updater. And i did not restart. Cool. Where to find 10.8?........
  18. There was also a crossfire application released the same day. Steam and its new program might not of cuaght that..... I'll try that 1st with 10.9 and if not then go to 10.8 again. Thanks! hopefully this will work!
  19. Almost.... that goes up to only 10.6 and its vista. Im fully downloading 10.9 right now to make sure steam didnt mess it up
  20. Works with 10.9!! Thanks a ton man. Sometimes I just need to be walked through it with someone lol

  21. The Windows 7 link redirects to Vista. I'm guessing it's compatible for both.

    EDIT: Ahh, good to hear. Glad it works now =)
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