HP Pavilion dv7 AGONY !

I bought a hp pavilion dv7 in oct 2009 and not its been insanely hot and has stopped operating, i found out recently that the pavilion have a design fault in the cooling system, has anyone got any ideas how i can either fix this or get HP to actually do summin to repair the fault. My laptop is my form of connecting with my work and its getting rediculous. i am still paying for the thing and unable to use it, cheapest repair is like 350 which i am not prepared to pay unless it is a last ditch thing. can anyoNE suggest summin to me? please i beg you =^.^= :fou:
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    Contact HP,( and be nice about it), and ask if they could perform a maintenance check on the unit. Also ask for a cooling upgrade as well.
  2. ^ agreed. Also they might recommend a BIOS update. I had to update the BIOS on some of my laptops before to make the internal fans operate properly.
  3. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    99% sure that the answer that you will get is "we need replace your laptop's mobo".

    The problem is that when you laptop get hot, the RAM don't fit perfectly and the system shutdown. Get one of this and your problem will end.

  4. i have been on the phone to hp for the better part of a day today with them being all nice and sweet, and they have said that its wear and tear on the laptop :o and that in order for them to repair it i would need to 1 pay more money than what i have been quoted and 2 join their after warrenty care group,
    i am begining to think that these people dont really give a dam once they sell you the product...
  5. They dont. They want you to buy cheap products for extensive amount of cash and have you get another system for more. That is why i have a desktop. Very durable and easier to replace for cheap.
  6. ^Sound better: "That's why I build my own rig"
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