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Gateway DX4320-01e Graphics Upgrade

What kind of card upgrade is possible for Gateway DX4320-01e, with and without a power upgrade.
There doesn't seem to be alot of room in there. Presently there is a NVIDIA GeForce 315 card with 512MB dedicated memory and a 300W power supply. I have seen, what seems to be better cards, matched with 300W in Gateways, on their site; but the card makers list 400W as a minimum. What's up with that? Also, can your GPU overmatch your CPU. The CPU is a AMD Phenom II X4 Quad-Core 945.

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    Hi Preston,
    Nice CPU.
    Do you have a standard case (that mounts a standard ATX power supply)?
    If so, you're upgradeable - but you may not have to get a new PSU.
    Assuming (since your CPU is recent) that you have a normal PCI-E vidcard slot, you could run an nVidia GT240 or an ATI HD5670 without PSU problems.
    But you can buy a beautiful PSU, something name-brand like OCZ StealthXStream 450W with Active PFC, for only $50 bucks and get a much better quality of power than no-name low-watt PSU.
    If you want hi-resolution modern games you'll need GTX460 1GB and a new PSU, $300 bucks.
    But a 240 or 5670 are only $100 bucks and will plug right in - it's your call.
  2. The case is a mini-tower and I'm not sure of PSU type. I've seem
    other gateway mini-towers, on their site, and they have 300W PSUs and better cards; cards that the cardmaker lists at 400Ws minimum. Will this power shortage effect the cards perfomance?

    Thanks for the info
  3. Next time,register before posting.
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