ASUS EAH5670 having a few problems.

Ok I got an ASUS EAH5670 card,and here is what's going on with it,the card run's fine and everything,but I had to install the ASUS VGA driver to get it work propperly with my Monitor and get the right screen reolution,so here is where all the trouble start's please keep in mind I have never had a ATI card before,I went and update the ATI Catalyst and it put in another VGA Driver I assume because it messed of my monitor's resolution so I took out the ATI Driver and left the ASUS one in my PC and everything went back to normal.Here is what I would like to know,you use the ATI Catalyst for looking for newer version's of Shaders and stuff like that correct,if that is so can I chosse a custom install and pick and chosse what go's in so it does not mess with the ASUS VGA Driver that need's to be in there or do I need to get the update's off the ASUS site olny.
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  1. No - doesn't work like that.
    To get the latest ATI/AMD driver package including CCC, go to
    Note you must have Micro$oft .NET framework installed (and updated).
    The Asus driver package might have extra Asus features, and Asus branding within the CCC, but not guaranteed to be the latest drivers.
    I like the 5670, good vidcard.
    But I find the CCC to be cranky, and not as good as nVidia software.
    Anyway, when you get the latest package you should first uninstall all vidcard drivers, everything.
    With all drivers removed and PC freshly restarted, if the drivers thing pops up just hit cancel.
    Run the AMD package (10.9 I believe it is) and cross your fingers.
    The latest I had working was 10.6 but newer ones gave me trouble (so I got a GTX460).
  2. What does ccc stand for,also what about the VGA Driver issuse as it seem that when the ATI one went in it messed up my setting and I also seen an udate as well threw window's and after getting rid of the ATI stuff I put that update in from ATI olny to find out it was the same stupid ATI VGA driver.Also what does the Catalsty do then if it is different from the ccc.
  3. Sorry bro,
    Catalyst Control Center. CCC.
    Windows update has always kept up-to-date ATI drivers, but not the full CCC package.
    Lately I think Windows Update tries to install full CCC package - not sure that's a good idea...
    Anyway, secretaries etc. just install the basic ATI video driver (Update has always done this) and they're good to go.
    But gamers - gamers want the full CCC package with the CCC icon that lives down on the taskbar, and all the 3-D controls etc.
    It's a package, but the CCC part (that requires .NET framework) for gamers is technically optional.
    You want to uninstall any packages that show on the add/remove programs panel.
    This will uninstall any CCC, leaving you with just the basic vidcard driver (the one from Windows update).
    You don't need to worry about that one, just the Catalyst Control Manager.
    Install new package.
    You always have to do it this way, everytime a new CCC version is released.
    You'll become quite skilled at it.
    Sometimes you can get jammed at 60Hz refresh rate, and selecting 72Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz etc. is no-go.
    You need to power-cycle your monitor and PC together, power them both down, off (not reboot).
    Power them both on together and hope that your plug&play monitor is recognised by name, and all resolutions and refresh identified.
    I would set my resolution and refresh rate from Windows (not CCC).
    Then center the picture with the buttons on my monitor (not CCC).
    But the key is to make sure you can get the resolution and refresh rate you want.
  4. Ok I think you maybe a bit confused as to my problem,in your last post you said about me using the basic vidcard driver from the window's update.Here is my problem the ASUS one was installed from a disc that said ASUS VGA Driver,now after I put that driver in everything worked fine and I thought ok now I will try and update my ATI CCC or Catalyst so then it put's in update's and mess's up my VGA driver and I'm not getting full display then I get the ASUS one back in again then I see there is an update in windows for ATI so I put it in olny to find out it is the same VGA driver so I had to remove everything again and use the ASUS one,here is what I'm wondering can you do a custom install of the ATI CCC and choose to not install the VGA driver by ATI if it's in the list.
  5. Ok I have it figured out,for whatever reason when everything is unstalled from ASUS and I try and use the Display driver from ATI that is included with the CCC it just won't work right.This is how I fixed the problem I did a clean install with the ASUS VGA disc then I did a custom uninstall of the ATI CCC that the ASUS disc put in I choose to uninstall everything but the ATI display dvriver that was there then I got the ATI updated CCC from the ATI website then I did a Custom install and choose to install everything but the ATI display driver that was included with the updated ATI CCC.

    I gave ASUS a call and they said that sometimes you must use and leave the ASUS driver in and confirmed the way I choose to install everything was the way it must be done in some case's.
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