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What graphics card do i have xp

I very foolishly deleted ATI Crystal control centre now I can't find how to reinstall or find what graphics card is in the laptop. I've tried run/dxdiag and belarc advisor but the card remains a mystery? The laptop is a toshiba/satellite/A100 T2400. How do I either install ATI or find what graphics cards is in the laptop?
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    Is this your laptop?,39050488,39098024p,00.htm

    Your Graphics Card is an ATi Mobility Radeon x1400.

    Download the drivers here:

    It might redirect you to Toshiba. Which the driver downloads are here:
  2. Thank Skolpo. NZ model A100 - 803 (st8211) it was easy from there. cheers Robert
  3. No problem =)
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