Looking to upgrade from 2 nvidia 7950gtx in dell xps700

I just recently inherited a Dell XPS 700 desktop computer that has a 700 watt BTX psu, I am looking to upgrade it from the 2 Nvidia 7950gtx video cards to a more powerful single Nvidia Card from EVGA with in the next 2-3 months. The problem I'm having with the decision is that after reading up this computer I read a lot of bad things about the upgrade ability of it due to the power supply and the amount of volts which isn't something I fully understand yet. I really don't have a set budget in mind and really just wanted to know if any one could tell me the highest video card i could go with based on the knowledge I have, which is minimum of the computer I own. What I want to use this computer for is FPS/TPS gaming and maybe playing around in the UDK/Cryengine.

I'm sorry if a similar question was posted but I couldn't find a tread search feature.

System Specs
Dell XPS 700
Intel core 2 duo E6600 2.6GHz
2GB DDR2667
2x Nvidia Geforce 7950 GTX SLI
2x 300gb HD
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  1. Do you have any more information on the power supply?

    More specifically how many amps it provide on the 12v rail(s).
  2. here is a link for that has the psu listed on amazon.com


    I don't know if that helps you or not or if you can use that page to find out more about the psu through another site
  3. Update on this I recently installed a ATI radeon HD 5770 with no problems and has been stable and working well
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