Cant get 3d video play back with radeon hd5850

I have a radeon hd 5850, lg ag-s100 3d glasses, alienware optx 23 inch 3d monitor, cyberlink powerdvd 10.

I am not getting any 3d when i try to change the settings to change something it says "cyberlink powerdvd could not enable playback. Try choosing a different 3d device. I have tried every setting but i do not get any 3d with the glasses. Please help, any suggestions will be appreciated.
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  1. Running 3D on HD5850?
    Well, i'm pretty sure you ONLY can run 3D on your monitor with NVIDIA cards...
  2. i called and they told me that the 5850 does support 3d.
  3. since when? I only heard of nVidia supporting 3D...never ATi .__.
  4. Called by who?
    Only Nvidia cards are support 3D vision.
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