Sound card yes or no?

Ok so i just got a new pc built and been enjoying it but recently my speakers have started to die so im going to a new set, Logitech Z5500D, when i go and get the rest of the upgrades to my pc. I'm aiming to get another 12 gig of ram and two gtx 580's to put in and run the 480 in phys x. The current spec is:

CPU: Intel Core i7 980X Extreme Edition
Mother Board: ASUS Rampage III Extreme
RAM: Corsair 12GB (3x 4GB) Dominator Triple Channel Memory Kit - PC3 12800 (1600MHz) DDR3
HDD: 2 X Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB Desktop Hard Drive, SATA 6Gb/s, 64MB Cache, 7200 rpm
SSD: Corsair Force Series 60GB 2.5" SATA II MLC Solid State Drive
Optical Drive: LG BH10LS30 Internal SATA 10x Blu-Ray Rewriter, 10x BD-R Read/Write, 16x DVD+-R Read/Write
Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 480
Wireless Network Card: DWA-556 Xtreme N PCI Express Adapter
PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro 80+ Gold 1200W Power Supply
Case: Cooler Master HAF X ATX Full Tower Case
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

*note: i realise having one 480 looks abit odd with the rest of the build but i was forced to buy the pc before i had the money for 3 and a good thing too as now i can pick up 580's :D
But yes my question was should i bother getting a sound card to go with this(if so which one)? Or will the on board sound be good enough? Any opinions would help as sound is an area of computers im not too sure about.
Also if anyone has any ideas about a good gaming keyboard which doesnt die on x58 and 64 bit windows id be obliged as my g19 now no longer functions >_<'
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  1. There are some sound threads in the component forums, and also the basic info can be found in the building guides on this forum. The consensus seems to be that onboard sound is "good enough" for most people. And if you find out it isn't, the sound card is an easy upgrade.
  2. Unless you have 3 double slot cards in your computer.
  3. Im pretty sure this dude aint spending 5000+ on a rig and is ok with good enough.

    Since money seems to be no object, get the most expensive sound card money can buy. If you cant hear a difference, at least you have that piece of mind that you have the best.

    If I can ask op, what the hell do you do with your computer that you need 12/24gigs of RAM? Also youd be wasting that 480 just doing physix.
  4. Have you got something else for the 480 to do? I just thought phys x because its there to be honest seems a waste to throw a brand new card *shrugs*
    I play games mostly lol yes i know its overkill but i like overkill :D
  5. You also drive a bugatti veyron 20 yards to the corner shop for milk in the morning?

    Overkill is a massive, MASSIVE understatement here, sign up for S.e.t.i. research and join the Toms folding at home team, its the only way your going to use that ram hehe
  6. Sell it and pick up a $70 9800gt on ebay and use the money to take your family to dinner or something.

    Trust im not hating at all but you dont use CS5 or Maya so theres no need for anything over 4gigs of RAM but like I said it seems like money is nothing to you so have fun.

    But a soundcard makes a difference to me. Even the best onboard audio is not as good as a dedicated soundcard.
  7. @ Moto: Dude if i had one i would! I would also fly an apache to the movies if it was an option :P I'm all for folding at home :D
    @ Silky: Downgrade??? What is this word??? lol So you would recommend a sound card then, would you care to spin me a good choice i was looking at Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series but don't know enough about cards to be able to differeniate so whats your opinions?
  8. Quote:
    so whats your opinions?

    Re-read my first post.
  9. lol - this looks like a freak show with the posted hardware...and the sarcasms are off the roof ROFL.

    hmmm - you could look at the asu xonar/sennheiser colaboration cards but its still overkill :)
  10. silky salamandr said:
    Im pretty sure this dude aint spending 5000+ on a rig and is ok with good enough.

    I admit I read the OP a bit hastily. But the speaker system he's going with is only $50 per speaker - I pretty much doubt that's going to show much difference between "good enough" and "really good".

    With that kind of budgets, I'd probably go for a $1000 home theater set. But then again I also listen to music and so on with my speakers. The bottom line is that you're going to use a good set of speakers longer than the PC - mine date back to '92 (so no 5.1), and I'm pretty sure the sound quality runs circles around almost any PC speaker set.

    Of course, when it comes to sound systems, price is no proof of quality. You'll have to do a bit of research to find a really good one.
  11. In a word: NO
  12. @47: Space isnt really a problem as if the card is worth it ill take out the 480 till i upgrade again and just buy a bigger motherboard :D
    @Lut: Thanks i'll take a gander at them then :D and yeah but who doesnt love overkill?
    @Varis:... You can plug better speakers into the pc? I choose those speakers because they are apparently the best pc speaker system. What's the other options?
  13. -You will see no difference from the added RAM.... in fact you might see some speed increases from less RAM (i.e. 3 x 2GB @ CAS 6).

    -Run an ethernet cable to that box id it's not there already...that will speed up on line action.

    - As for the sound, I'd hook up the the 5500's, (listening to them now) and see if you are satisfied....if not .... buy something.

    Might I suggest selling the 480 and grabbing (3) 580s ? If I had the time, I'd like to see how (3) 470's SC's does against (2) 580's
  14. Space IS an issue. Run the two GTX580s and a third card as a PhysX. Use the onboard. No space for a sound card, but if the onboard is good then there is no worries. Ask this question AFTER you have tried it as it will provide the best possible solution.

    As for better speakers, those are some of the best computer speakers that exist. But they still fail when compared to home audio equipment.
  15. If I may lend my opinion here.. you could look into upgrading your audio system a bit to something like this:
    with a subwoofer, something like this:
    then you should most definitely here the difference between onboard and dedicated (as long as you're adding another 1TB hard drive to make sure all your audio is lossless, ie flac)

    Nice setup btw :D
  16. ^ + 1

    Overpriced stuff usually mean overpriced garbage...don't look at BOSE for an audio solution. Its just marked up prices for plastic boxes assembled in china.

    Logitech's Z5500 are mindblowing in any setup (for its price range)

    If your an audiophile then you could look @ Alessis's active studio monitors :) though thas my opinion...tiz your money and your wish :D
  17. lol wouldnt say im an audiophile at all i mean i listen to music watch movies and game on the pc but when it comes to sound im too lost to claim to know about it... at the moment im primarily using my Logitech G35 headset which works fine for gaming (built in mic and all) but i prefer speakers for movies and music
    Thanks mark for the ideas ill have a look at those and be wonderfully perplexed by all the gibberish i read :D pc parts i understand sound systems might as well be a hybrid of latin and traditional chinese translated by australians :D
  18. I'm not really a full on audiophile either, but I still like my sound high quality (that I can afford anyway). Well you seem to have money growing on trees, so I'm sure you'll have not trouble finding a solution with some help from some of the more experienced guys :).
  19. As a little hint, these forums also have an Audio section - look under Electronics ;)

    Lucivar: I'd go for a decent system that doesn't break the wallet. Make sure it's good enough to last you a decade or more. But then again I'm of the type that does usually plenty of research before buying anything that's half expensive :) Yes basically I'm speaking home audio, hi-fi, whatever.

    My system is just 2 speakers which are 2-way, 12 liters each. In hifi-terms they are entry-level (under $1000 per set) and are classified as monitors, but the sound is very nice, they go down to 37Hz (-6 dB frequency in the graph) so you could listen to some acid or such modern music very well or even organ music with them. They are passive design (not powered), so there's plain audio cables running to them (don't spend fortunes on cables, the electrons are the same on cheaper hi-fi cables too) which connect o to a thing called an integrated amplifier (not sure if you can get anything with that name nowadays, seems many amps are targeted for home theater use).

    The sound ports in your PC are just standard audio connectors - the 3.5mm socket can be connected to line input in your stereo set if you have the proper cables (should cost about $10). PC speakers are special only in the respect that they have a special target group - people with little clue on real audio who'll typically think "I spent only $150 on my video card so I'm not gonna dish out a friggin' $120 for speakers"...

    Very often I just use headphones though, the cheaper headphones can be driven by the sound card or mobo, but the better ones ($200 can get you quite decent headphones already) I connect to my amplifier, though I'd need to buy a dedicated headphone amp, because usually the circuits for the headphones aren't too good in your usual integrated amplifiers.
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