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ATI Radeon 3650 AGP

Can an ATI Radeon AGP run Armed Assault on highest settings? Ive seen videos and stuff that it can run Crysis (AGP Version can) i just really want to play this game, and what about Arma 2?

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  1. It'll be able to run Armed Assault in decent settings. It might even get by in highest, but the FPS wouldn't be pretty. And it might be able to run Crysis at a low resolution and lowest settings, but definitely not higher than that. Arma 2 is in the same boat as Crysis. To be honest, I wouldn't try to play either of those games, but I wouldn't mind playing Armed Assault on it.
  2. I wont be running Armed Assault on maximum resolution, i play games at 1024x768 i dont see a difference in resolution on games, other then the Pixels but that does not mind me, and Crysis was played at High settings without AA though. and is there a site that like shows the list of games an graphics card can run?

    And is a X800 more powerful then a 3650?
  3. Yes it is Much more powerful than a x800 and second you will be able to enjoy driver support as older generation cards no longer have any driver support at all.
  4. Alright thanks, because at says for recommended is X800, so i most likly can play arma? and this is the one i bought off of newegg

    it'll be at my house tomarrow!

    And is there any benchmark between a 3650 and a Nvidia 7800?
  5. Okay, i got the graphics card, i got Oblivion,Fallout 3, Armed Assault.

    I can play Oblivion on max, no AA,1024x768 Res (same with fallout 3) but Armed Assault on Medium (1024x768 No AA, Low view, High textures, low shaders, very low terrain, no postprocessing, and only 20-30 FPS, Oblivion i get 40-50, Fallout 3 24-50

    -Other thoughts, maybe its my processor? (Intel P4 HT, 2.8Ghz, Northwood(478 Socket)
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    That performance sounds about right for the HD 3650. I hope you weren't expecting too much even at lower resolutions. A P4 might play a role in holding a few FPS down but nothing more than that.
  7. Il look into a new board for Xmas i guess... thanks!
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