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Hi, I am thinking about replacing my HDD with a SSD. A couple of questions, and please bear in mind I am NO computer wiz. How do I find a proper replacement for my computer (which is a walmart special emachines computer)? Can I install all the software on my current drive, or will I run into copyright problems (windows 7, etc.), or can I just sort of clone the old drive onto the new one? I'm sure there are lots of other things I haven't even thought of, but that's why I'm here.
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  1. I recommend you to use BOTH HDD and the SSD. Back-up your HDD files, format the HDD, and install Windows in the SSD. You will see them in the Computer as if they were partitioned. Buy one good 128GB or 256GB maximum SSD. You will not face any copyright problems. If you don't understand how these things works, is better call a friend that can help you out.
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