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ok so I've decided to build a PC setu pfor FF14, here are the requirements http://www.final-fantasy-14.org/ff14-content/platform/

if anyone can help me find 1) a motherboard, 2) Processor, 3) graphics card, that can either get the basic requirements or higher I would really appriciate it as i'm not very pro with PCs and i'm going crazy looking for everything
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  1. around 400$ or so
  2. Do you want to sli/crossfire in the future? If not, I would suggest an AMD motherboard and processor paired with a radeon 5770 or gtx 460. Here's the first combo that comes to mind:
    Mobo: MSI 890GM-E41 AM3 Micro-ATX ~$60

    CPU: Phenom II x4 955... overclock it! -$140

    GPU: GTX 460 1GB ~$200 after rebate
  3. alright thank you ^^
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