Gtx 460 sli needed?

I'm planning to buy a new graphics card and what brand would you reccomend for gtx 460.
my current specs are

Phenom II X4 3.4ghz
2x 2gb 1066 ddr3
ASRock A785GXH/128M
20" LG LED monitor max resolution 1600 x 900
1 terabyte HDD
700 watt psu

oh by the way would i need to use sli for to max my fav games like modernwarfare2, civ5, sc2, crysis, bioshock 2, dragon age, and upcoming titles like new vegas and dragon age 2 i love rpg's i wanna max things out max AA&AF
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  1. MW2 will return about 100fps with a single gtx 460 so NO there. Crysis very high, benefits from sli, as well as.
    Metro2033 highest settings
    BFBC2 highest settings
    Dirt 2dx11 highest settings
    You can't run SLI with your AMD chipset m/b. (there maybe hacks, don't bother)
  2. You can hack and have done it my self, it does work but that was with only a pair of G92 cards (9800gt). You won't have a need for sli with having a single GTX 460 at that res in most games with appropriate settings.
  3. I did the SLI hack on your exact same motherboard, but it really started sketching out, so I wouldn't recommend it. You should do fine with one 460.
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