Lian li PC-7F, PC-8FI vs Silverstone FT2

hi i would appreciate everybody's opinion. this is my first build and i am locked on these 2 (or 3) chasis. i prefer aluminum which is the reason for these choices.

PC-7F is cheapest. HDD drive bays can be rotated, and you can fit a 5970 VGA card (which is good when i upgrade), but it has only 1 front fan and 1 rear fan.

PC-8FI. cheaper than silver stone. but the Internal drives face the other way which could make it look messy and maybe, could run out of cable length. also high end VGA cards wont fit, which means i have to buy a new case (probably more expensive) should i need to upgrade.

FT2. very expensive (although i would buy it if recommended) and heavy as well. (from reviews i red) only the unibody is aluminum, everything else is steel or plastic, but plenty of fans. i like the design too. the closest i could find to something of a simplistic design.

my only reason for putting up a system is to be able to play with excellent frame-rates in the quietest pc i could have. so noise level is an important factor. (i plan to included water coolers and heat sinks for the other components so, i would appreciate if discussion could be limited to the cases alone.)
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  1. Try looking at antec or cooler-master if you would be looking at something more silent.
  2. The FT02 is one of the best cases available currently.. Costly but a great buy.. At slightly lower price, you can opt for the Lian-Li PC A70f which is all aluminum and an excellent case with very good cooling performance and a very silent operation..
  3. my first choice has always been lian li but lately, they've somewhat "become extinct" in my country which brought me to silverstone, and after 2 months of looking, i was able to find a delear which, timely, will have models delivered end of this month.

    i would go for silverstone if they have windowless aluminum models here.

    thanks for the feedback.
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