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Just bought and XFX 4650 AGP card and a HIS 4670 AGP card to put onto these motherboards. I know the motherboards are quite old (circa 2004), but they both have the 8x AGP slots and the current Bios have been updated about 2007 for both. But I am not getting any picture off of these cards. I also have a Visiontek 2600xt that I got off Ebay that doesn't work in them either. I thought the 2600xt card was bad, but Im beginning to think not. It does the same thing, no picture. Sometimes I get the boot beep and other times not. In one of the computers is a 550w power supply (its a generic one), but I think well it has enough to power at least a video card. I know the motherboards are both good because I have a ATI 9800xt video card that works perfectly in them. So do you think the motherboards are just simply not compatible with new cards? Can't find anything on the internet that kinda relates to this problem. Any replies are appreciated. Is there some kind of setting in bios that I need to worry about.

The motherboards are a Abit KV8 Pro and a Abit KV8 Max 3.

I posted this in the Abit Motherboard section, and didn't get any replies, so I wanted to open it up to a larger community.

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  1. That does not sound good and I suggest that you try a different board/pc before crying doa. If they do not work still then you may have no choice but to return or sell them. I don't not know an easy solution for this problem yet or does not come to mind.
  2. Thanks nforce4max. Do you think there is some kind of bios setting that I need to worry about?
  3. The problem would be the AGP port is AGP 2.0 / 1.5v 4x/8x, but the newer cards require a newer AGP port, the AGP 3.0 / 0.8v 4x/8x. This is only available on newer boards, not the ones you have listed, I believe you have the socket 754 boards? you would need newer AMD boards, some socket 939 have them. For intel it would be like the 865 chipset that has AGP 3.0.
  4. Well I wish I would have posted in this board before the Abit board. This has been extremely helpful. I just tried the video cards in another AGP computer (I forgot I had it) and the 4650 and 4670 both worked in it. It is an HP Pavilion a520n. Does that sound right? I would have thought that computer would be older than my Abit motherboards? Though the 2600xt still doesn't work it it.
  5. I knew it, it is the boards them selves VIA chipsets are known to have compatibility issues and have my self been a victim. I have been screwed in the past by this issue and it cost me a $300 3DSMax class that I ended up failing. So I would try to replace the boards but only if they are available at a low cost that are Nvidia or ATI maybe SIS if around. If not then I suggest that you return the cards for a refund.
  6. Just looked at the Abit website for both these motherboards and they list at being:

    Accelerated Graphics Port connector supports AGP 8X/4X (0.8V/1.5V)

    So just from knowing, this would be 2.0 and I would need 3.0. Is that correct?
  7. You know, that makes sense now, because I believe that HP motherboard was made by Asus with probably a different chipset, I would have to look

    Thanks you 2 for the replies. This has been extremely helpful. I certainly appreciate your help! Any suggestions for some 754 motherboards? I know they are getting quite old, but Im sure Ebay still has some around. And its more of a just a pasttime--these 2 computers are for some nieces and nephews that just want them for the small simple games.
  8. If it says this:

    1 x AGP slot (8x/4x-AGP 3.0 compliant), supports 1.5v display card only

    will that support these cards?
  9. Yes and .8v are rare so don't worry. Most agp card will work in a 3.3 and 1.5 volt slot. Ancient 3.3v card (1x/2x agp) will not work in newer bards but 1.5 is backward compatible. The hint is the key in the connector. If it has two with one in the front like this it is 3.3 and if only the key to the back it is only 1.5 if both it is more or less universal.

    Now the chipset is your problem. These newer ATI cards feature a pci-e to agp bridge that is known not to work with some chipsets. If the chipset or the bios is unable to load the code from the bridge the card will not boot and the system will either halt or will boot into windows with now gpu. The Nvidia cards are different but they haven't produced a bridge in many years for this interface and the last to grace agp was a 7950 but they had cooling issues. So you may try nvidia but don't expect any thing better than you have been dealt with ATI. The boards are only worth a shot if they are cheap but right now eBay has a few NF3 up nothing really so go for it if they work and are able to boot the cards.
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