Reformatting and BIOS

Sorry for the probable stupid question.

But if I have updated my BIOS since first installing the board and I reformat my hard drive would that reset the BIOS and make me have to re flash the bios again afterwards?

In this case I flashed my M4A785T-M ASUS Board to version 2006 and am about to change my hard drive, does the hard drive affect the BIOS version in any way?

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  1. werner123 said:
    Hi, no if you updated the bios it's updated, no need to do it again unless there was a problem with the initial update, your HDD has got nothing to do with it. Just leave it as it is.

    And did you remember to reload optimized defaults in the bios after you updated with the new version?

    After flashing it gave me the option to use the same settings as before or change them, I left them alone if that is what you mean.
  2. Hmm, what sort of things would get changed? I've never adjusted anything in the BIOS like multipliers, voltages or anything.

    Anything I should go look at?
  3. Alright thanks for the help.

    While you are reading you seem to know a bit more than I do so am I correct in thinking that the AMD Phenom II x6 1090T will run properly on my M4A785T-M Asus board on version 2006?

    It states that it is supported as of version 2006, but I'd really like to be sure before I mess anything up (processor is arriving today)
  4. I updated to 2006 already from the file I just saved it on my C drive, so I should update now to 2302?
  5. Alright thanks man, I'm gonna update to 2302 just to feel up to date.

    Thanks for all the help.
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