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Cannot play games with Sapphire5970

i recently purchased a Sapphire 5970 video card,but since i have installed it i can search the web watch movies but i am unable to use it for the main purpose of getting it and that is to play games.As soon as i try t load up a game it locks up my screen then reboot itself or the screen just stays frozen.I have tried reseating it in the pci-e slot,updated the driver for it but nothing seems to work i know its not the motherboard because i was using a Sapphire 5770 before in the same system.Any help will be appreciated.My PSU is silverstone st1000w,my mobo is asus crosshairIV
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    Hello and welcome to the forums
    Did you completely remove your 5770's driver before installing 5970's driver ?(with driver sweeper) ?
  2. no i just used control panel
  3. double check if you have uninstalled drivers for previous graphics card
  4. it was the card. i returned the card they checked it there and they were having the same problem in the shop with it so they exchanged it with a new one.thank you all for your help support and quick response.
  5. No prob,glad its working fine now
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