Upgrading from 8800gts and not sure where to go for a card/cards

Hey all, been doing quite a bit of reading as I don't really keep up on computers much anymore. Anyhow, My old man wants to upgrade his video card as he made the mistake of giving me his old intel dual core setup with the 8800gts and then he ended up building a fairly decent setup but bought some cheap nvidia card that doesn't perform as well as the 8800gts.

Hers the base specs on the computer.
amd phenom IIx4 965 3.4ghz
3gb ram
TA 790GX a3+ mb
I believe it has a 700w power supply, but I need to double check. Been awhile since I slapped it together.
display is a newer samsun glcd, cant remember the model

I'm pretty sure the motherboard is crossfire capable.

Now after reading reviews it seems like the hd5850 seemed to do a little better but then the toms review recommends the gtx 470. I'm looking at something around the 300 to low 300s range in price. I also want to toss something in that will handle the upcoming stuff. he's a big fps guy and only does it single player. he's been on farcry 2 since it came out looking for a few diamonds still lol.

So, I don't know much about the crossfire and am having trouble referencing cards from crossfire benchmarks to some of the newer benchmarks. I've been trying to use crysis as the benchmark to go by.

Will I be better off for future games going with 2 lesser crossfire cards, or are these new generation cards going to be able to handle upcoming games much better than the older crossfire setups. We care nothing about 3d blue ray razmataz stuff, so non of those features are a factor.

Another question, I have. Should I be waiting another month as it sounds like there are some generation cards getting ready to surface.

Right now im ready to just buy a 470 or 5850, but I would love to hear what you guys have to say.
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  1. The Nvidia GTX 460 is a right smart buy at the moment, of course there will be new GPU'S out next year, but if you are still running windoze xp then the 460 is the way to go [imho]....:)
  2. Yes, the GTX 460 is the best choice for you.
  3. For $210 after MIR and a crossfire capable motherboard I would go with the MSI HD5850 I linked previously, that is if you are in the US. GTX460 1gb is another good option but you will not be able to SLI down the road.
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