Relocating HDD to 5.25 Drive Bay - Concerns about Heat

I'm about to purchase a 4th HDD and will end up filling my HDD cage. There is practically no space between all of them, but they have the front intake fan blowing on them. I was wondering if I'm better of leaving them there instead of relocating them in the Drive Bay that has no fan, but has a lot more space?
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  1. You will be fine either way but I would keep them in the cage with the fan.
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    Probably a better idea would be to use the second FDD bay* instead of the 5.25" bay.. the HDD would be closer to the fan but separate from the present 3 HDDs so heat would be less of a problem. The 5.25" bay would be a good location if there are no plastic HDD retainers involved which would not be as efficient heat conductors as direct contact to case metal.

    Read extensive comments on the subject here

    *that's if the mounting screwholes match. HDDs to FDDs do match but there may be retainers/adapters that wont.
  3. Thanks. From the thread you linked to, it seems that HDD heat isn't really an issue unless you are running a server or HDD intensive Applications. My HDD are mainly for Storage so I'm most likely going to mount them in the 5.25inch Drive Bay (I'm using Linux and these drives are only mounted when I need to access them otherwise they stay unmount by default) and leave my OS drive in the cage. The Storage drives are WD 2TB Green drives so they don't make much noise and don't really produce much heat. Also the mounting brackets are made out of metal so they should act as a nice heatsink.
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