8gb (2x 4gb) ram good for i7 setup?


I found a deal for memory 140 dollars for gskill 8gb ram (2x4gb) ddr 3.

Will I be able to use that in my current pc?

i7 950
asus sabertooth x58
6gb ram atm (2x3gb)
msi gtx 470 frozr
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  1. Can you post the link of it ?
  2. Looking at your Mobo, isn't it triple-channel?
    losing that would hurt you badly, no matter the bargain on the ram
  3. lol managed to get one more stick xD
  4. kdmaris, can you post the link to what you've found? You can't just add a third stick to the 2x4GB kit to get triple channel memory; you must buy a triple channel set. If you do that, you won't see the same performance as you would with an actual triple channel set.
  5. Team Elite 8GB
  6. Two things - the first is that you're definitely overpaying for that type of RAM when you can get the same thing on Newegg for $60 or less.

    The other is that you're using an X58 system - it will have problems if you try to use dual channel RAM on a triple channel system. You're actually looking at 12GB (3 x 4GB) for that type of system. Here's the same thing in a triple channel configuration:

  7. US$140 hasn't been a deal for 8 GB for...5 or 6 years
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