BSOD on graphic card installation

Just bought a sapphire 57770 vapor-x. put it in my pc running xp and got a bsod. I have windows 7 on the same machine. booted in 7 and everything is fine.

booted in xp again in safe mode and I couldnt completely uninstall or install the driver for 5770. So i took 5770 out and put my old 1950 back in and booted in xp and everything is fine. I uninstalled the 1950 driver. booted pc with 5770 installed and again the bsod just 5 seconds after the desktop comes up.

Pulled out 5770 installed 1950. This time pretended to be smart a$$ and rather then installing 1950 driver, I installed 5770 drivers. and then shut down the pc and took out 1950 put in my 5770. Booted again and still bsod.

While all this went down, 5770 works fine on windows 7.

So long story short......... every time i put in 5770 card and boot in xp, it always BSODs 5 seconds after desktop comes up.
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  1. Are you sure you have enough power on your XP PC?
    And XP driver is different from win7 driver...
  2. Oops, i'm sorry, you have dual boot (XP + win7) on the same machine...
  3. hehehehehe

    But for more information, power supply is enermax noisetaker2 485 watts. 12v rails are 22A max and a combined max of 32 amp. I have an E6550 core 2 and if I am not wrong, 1950 was more power hungry than 5770
  4. You still need different drivers for XP and Win 7. Are you certain you installed Win XP drivers in Win XP? If not, boot into Safe Mode and run the Catalyst Install Manager found within Add/Remove Programs. It might be called something different than that. It's been a while since I've used XP...

    On second though, I'd uninstall them anyway. But prior to that, I'd enter Win 7 and make sure to grab actual XP drivers.
  5. Well I hope that I was using correct driver..... otherwise I would feel pretty stupid.

    oh and I couldnt run install or uninstall in safe mode. Any thoughts on that?
  6. You should be able to uninstall from Safe Mode in XP. Installers almost never work in Safe Mode - they can't detect inactive/disabled devices...

    In the XP Add/Remove Programs list, the program you want to find is called "ATI - Software Uninstall Utility." I just checked it out on my XP/Win7 machine and I was able to run it, but I canceled it. (My system works fine, so I'm not uninstalling anything.)

    OK. So, I found it and it initiated, giving me a warning about removing all ATI software from my computer. It should do the same for you, and more. If it doesn't, then you must have installed the wrong driver package initially, and now it's just going to give you headaches. At that point, I'd try a System Restore instead.
  7. well looks like my os has some major issues here. I have to do a clean install of xp. Card ran without any problem through the process. Why I did clean install..... well that is a topic of another topic :) but the reason was extreme infestation that was carried over from a usb drive. It resulted in my xp practically blasted into pieces to the extent that when I booted the PC, it refuse to recognize the hard drive. Try to boot windows 7 and it went into the whole repair start up boot sequence cycle. Any ways card works on the clean install and thanks a lot for your help.

    P.S. I dont know if it is of any worth but for the sake of knowledge, I did try to uninstall using the ati utility in safe mode but it wouldnt work. I then tried revo uninstaller and that failed too.
  8. I had to do a clean install to get this thing working. nothing else helped.
  9. At least you got it up and running again, and that's what counts. Hopefully, everything will work correctly now.
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