Adding many wireless routers to network without cds..newbie needs help

Hi guys

So let me just explain my situation. JUST moved in a house with students and our landlord has only 1 cable outlet in the whole house - a bedroom. We set up a wireless network in the bedroom no problem, but now I have a tower PC, PS3, and an xbox360 that I want to hook up to the network but can't unless I buy more hardware and that can get expensive.

I have another wireless router that I want to add. I don't care about extending the signal, I just need to have it set up to the current network so I can connect things to it via ethernet cable. It is my understanding this is called an access point.

So it is a d-link wbr-2310 and don't have the installation CD, so I have to do things manually by going to and changing things. From my research, I learned I have to disable the DHCP setting and then change the IP address of the router to be outside of a certain range but I had no idea what that meant.

I was wondering if someone could break it down for me and help me out further. So lost in the dark on this one.
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