My windows 7 laptop wont connect to the internet wired

Hi, I'm Peter. My PC connects to the internet (wired) perfectly, but my TOSHIBA laptop does not. The router does not show the correct lights when plugged into the laptop, so I have tried resetting the router (with no success). When I plug the ethernet cable into the laptop, nothing happens at all. Please help me, I desperately need to fix this.
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  1. Go to Toshiba's support site, download and install the LAN driver.
  2. Also make sure that the ethernet network adapter is enabled in the network connection settings. Had that happen to me a few times.
  3. test you cables one could be broke
  4. Check your BIOS and make sure the LAN is enabled
  5. I went to the TOSHIBA support site and I can't find where to download the LAN driver.
  6. What is the laptop model?
  7. give model and number for direct link
  8. Satellite L650
  9. what come after the 650 bt or st model and number
  10. L650 and? Need the string of numbers and letters after it as well.
  11. PSK1JA-0E8017
  12. 32 or 64 bit Window 7?
  13. 64
  14. You have brought a smile to my face :)

    (it worked, thank you!!!!)
  15. where did you buy this witch country and year
  16. + 1 for you pyree faster than me on this
  17. New Zealand this year
  18. My laptop too cant connect to the wifi . PLEASE HELP!!! my product name of my laptop is HP Compaq nc6000 windows 7 32 bit PLEASE! or should i download the drivers? for Wireless lan ?
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