Please Help w/ Docking Station Issue

Hello Everyone! :)

Normally I don't ask questions and I just google my way to an answer, but I seem to be having a difficult time with finding an answer for this, so please help if you can.

I recently purchased a Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 and I'm trying to make use of the handy dock that comes built-in. The dock works fine for the most part. It loads up the drive that I plug in, but when it does, it removes some of my other hard drives. I have to unplug the docked drive and restart computer to get them to show back up. Below is how I have my drives currently set up.

E = SATA Partition 1 (Removed)
F = SATA Partition 2 (Removed)
G = SATA Partition 3 (Removed)

I also tried to change the drive letters when the docked drive is plugged in as to possibly not conflict with the drives already present in the computer, but that didn't work. It just mounts the docked drive to the Z drive now and still removes E, F, & G.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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  1. No ideas anyone? I'm really stumped over here.
  2. its not a case issue, its motherbd. Which motherbd do you have?
    In the meantime check the bios and make sure your sata ports are set to ahci and not legacy or ide mode.
  3. I'm using an ASRock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard and SATA is set to AHCI.
  4. What drives do you have connected to the sata ports and how are the drives setup?
    I mean like this :
    Sata3_A0: not used
    Sata3_A1: not used
    Sata3_0: ocz vertex 128gb/ 1 partition (C), boot drive
    Sata3_1: intel xm25 60gb/ 1 partition (D)for fast loading games
    ... and so on. Include whatever you have connected to the esata port too please..
  5. SATA3_A0: Docking Station
    SATA3_A1: Not Detected ... Possibly ESATA at top of case. I can't see where exactly the cable connected leads to except for in that general vicinity.
    SATA3_0: SSD G2 Series (60GB), Boot Drive (C)
    SATA3_1: OCZ Agility 3 (120GB), Fast Loading Games (D)
    SATA2_2: WDC WD20ECRX-00DC0B0 (2TB), BluRay Movie Backups (E), CD Music Backups (F), CDDVD Game Backups (G)
    ^---This is the drive that gets replaced when a drive is docked.---^
    SATA2_3: Samsung HD204UI (2TB), BluRay TV Series Backups (H)
    SATA2_4: Maxtor 6L250M0 (250GB), Windows, Application, and Driver Backups (I)
    SATA2_5: ATAPI iHBS112 (BD-RE), BluRay (J)

    Nothing connected to any ESATA port.
  6. Anyone?
  7. I suppose you can go ahead and close this thread as unsolved, since no one seems to have a solution.
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