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Hard to find driver

hi eveyone
try to find he folowing driver for network control the board is GS7610 Ultra (v1.1c)and the chipset is (Realtek RTL8201CL 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet PHY).try on realtek nothing,install the lan driver from ecs nothing work.repairing for a friend.
any help would be welcome.thanks

scout_03 :??:
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    When the ECS GS7610 ULTRA (V1.1C) is connected to a LAN do either of the RJ-45 LAN port's LEDs flash or light up? Have you tried a different UTP LAN cable?

    No device driver is required for determining if the RJ-45 LAN port is active or dead. If the RJ-45 LAN port is dead no driver is going to make it work and your friend will have to get a PCI LAN card.
  2. to ko888
    thank for the reply ,but when i install the ecs lan driver receive code 10 .no light on rj-45 connector.i had to reformat because he try microsoft security essentiel and the machine frezee on windows.salutations scout_03
  3. (Solve) by using a extension card and went on tout les and use my config to test .got new driver with another number and card work fine.
    to mod mark topic solve thanks
  4. my last post on this was the best answer
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  6. You can't have your own best answer, especially when it's not terribly clear. You did get good advice however.
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