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Hello , i have a tight budget mainly constructing gaming pc so i went for AMD based , was thinking of Athlon II x3 445 or phenom x2 555BE , but i heard with both of these its possible to unlock +core , im not into overclocking ( no expierence), so if i go for x3 445 to unlock core i need a better MB that supports UCC right ? or i can go with phenom with stock ghz or stronger CPU and get cheaper MB , i need your advice becouse im in pickle here :), and im prolly gona be using saphire 5770 or gtx 460 will it /not bottleneck ? .Thanks !
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  1. Neither will bottleneck the 5770 or 460 I personally would go with more cores out of the box. I would not even consider getting a dual core.
  2. Nothink specific , just the latest that comes out i dont tend to play them on highest settings but middle or high if possible , any suggestions about the Clocking ? expierence maybe about failing to unlock ? and consequences ?
  3. I built a little file server with the Athlon II x3 and had no problem unlocking the fourth core and it even OC to 3.6 GHz rock solid, but its different from chip to chip I got lucky many don't so don't base your decision solely on thinking it will unlock.
  4. So i if i decide to go with x3 445 what MB should i pick maybe somethink cheaper and with UCC , or if i have no expierence in it just leave it be , what about ATHLON II X4 630 ? Srsly i cant figure out
  5. okey thanks , that was great advice so what about MSI 880GM-E41 or Asus m4a77t MB had that on my eyesight , what about purchasing expensive MB is it worth or i can just go with mid class MB, in the next future there gona be some revolutionary graphic cards that will propably need new MB right ? /no?
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