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Hello everyone. This is my first post. I think it is more than time for me to build myself a new system but have had some restraints because of my finances. I am looking to build a system with an intel motherboard which will last me for quite a while. the 1156 boards seem more in my range. i will be buying the parts over a couple of months as its the only way i can afford to do this. My main question is, can someone recommend a board which has adequate slots, for ram and pci -e slots and what i can use to upgrade i.e. i am looking at an i3 processor now but then an i5 later on or i7. i havent built systems for a while now so im a bit out of the loop and looking for some advice. any help will be greatly appreciated. i can provide more info if need be which will likely be the case.

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  1. Fill this in for us and give us a better idea of your situation :)

    And if you are budget-conscious, your probably looking at an AMD build
  2. ok i will fill it in. as im getting the parts over the course of time id rather an intel build. main advice is a good board but a reasonable price and processor as i will get them first. cheers have about 250 to spend on the pair
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