Should i buy a new GFX card?

Dear helpful people,

i was planning on buying a new graphics card for my PC, but im not sure whether that would be a good idea since the pc isnt the very new.

Current config:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
Sapphire RADEON HD 3450
MSI MS-7125 K8N Neo4 Platinum/-FI/-FX
2G of ram PC3200 DDR-SDRAM
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

I was wondering whether i should buy a new gfx card and if so should i buy the one im planning on buying, ATI 5770 and i did should i upgrade my ram?

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  1. You could use a better gfx card, but thats a 5 year old system, a whole new system is the better choice.
  2. Lol the CPU might bottleneck your GPU at a certain res. I agree with screwy, you should invest in a new build entirely.
  3. your could get the 5770, overclock the cpu and then save for a new board/cpu & ram...
  4. The 5770 is more money than a 460 :P or almost. I'd rather suggest the 460 since you only have 1 16x slot anyway so go with the 460 if you do want to get a new card. But even if you do get one, your CPU will bottleneck it, that's assured. Be sure to check your PSU as well if you upgrade your GPU.

    But... I highly suggest you build an entire pc entirely. Your CPU and PCI slot (it's not 16x 2.0, but still a 16x 2.0 card will work on it) will bottleneck the performance alot.
  5. Currently i dont have enough money for anything else and i was thinking maybe i should get a new gfx, it will atleast improve my performance, and then when i have more money ill get a new mobo,cpu, and what not. maybe even ddr
  6. I'd go ahead and get a new card them, but I wouldn't spend too much on it.

    Maybe a GT250 or HD4850
  7. The less money i spend the better, however i do want have a decent performance on average res, 1280 x 1024, and i dont want to play them on the highest possible graphicx just on a playable level and decent framerate.

    im not picky seeing as my current gpu isnt the most powerful thing in the world
  8. Just save up and upgrade all at once, alot of new stuff is coming out.
  9. I wont be upgrading the whole thing until few years and graphic card i need is only for a years or so just so i can play some games, other wise ill have to buy an Xbox and as a very big fan of PC i feel that that would be a betrayal.
  10. sohrab: Go ahead and get something a bit better than what you have: A 9800GT might be the perfect option.

    $69.99 after rebate with lifetime warranty. will run games fine at your resolution, and will not be too bottlenecked by your CPU.
  11. thank you everyone, especially screwy, ill buy 9800gt and and in couple of years upgrade my whole system.

    ps: *** you bottleneck
  12. Alrighty, good luck with your build.
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