Hi guys,

I just bought the GTS 450 and was wondering if this is really a good card for the tight budget average gamer, I have nothing against ATI cards just prefer Nvidia.
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  1. Yes, the target consumer of the card are exactly for the average gamer. It'll run most games in decent settings. If you didn't have an nvidia preference, the HD 5770 might have been the better choice.
  2. Yes, for average gamer that card is just good enough to handle many games with decent setting.
    What about the rest of your system?
  3. Well 5770 was appealing but not my thing,

    My system specs:

    Core2Quad : Q8400 2.66
    4096 DDR2 800 Mhz
    2 TB Hardrives
    GTS 450 1024
    Gaming Keyboard and mouse Sidewinder series from microsoft
    LCD Samsung monitor 20 inch
    Raidmax Skyline Case
    Raidmax RX Hybrid 730 watt PSU Modular

    And thats practically it hey
  4. Oh and forgot all my drives are sata besides the 80 GB that i use for the OS 7200 Rpm which really isn't that bad

    DVD writer may get a blu ray writer soon
    External 1 TB Omega harddrive
    Logitech X530 5.1 Speakers
    Leather Chair and Computer stand
    OS : XP but will be getting windows 7 soon

    And thats everything to do with my PC
  5. Yes, your system are good enough to play any games with decent setting.
    Since you already bought the card then just use it... :)
  6. wa1 said:
    Yes, your system are good enough to play any games with decent setting.
    Since you already bought the card then just use it... :)

    Well i don't think its to bad either as im not really online as much, Just tired of playing on medium settings want to enjoy the full detail without the lag
  7. Too bad that you already bought the card, i'm pretty sure with GTX460 you can maxed out almost everything on 20" monitor...
    GTS450 a little bit slower than HD5770.
    Yes, you can play any games with decent setting with your system+gts450...
  8. Yeah but this GTS 450 was on special as i was originally going to buy the GTX 460 but save R 600 South African Currency *Rand* So what would you do? Atleast its a 400 series could of been worse,lol
  9. No no, i'm not saying your card is bad no...
    It's a good card for average gamer, since you only play on 20" monitor then that card is just enough to play any games with decent setting.
    Enjoy your card, you have a good gaming PC there... :)
  10. Ha Ha Ha its cool dude don't stress look its not the best but it works and for average play its perfect as you said so its decent, mostly play lan so its good for now
  11. Well i did some research with regard to the 400 series and ATI 5000 series cards, Benchmark graphs of games from what iv seen it entirely depends on what games we play as in some instances the 460 performed better as well as the 5770 in the same token the GTS 450 out performed those cards with other games, could it be what engines the game developers used to make the games?
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