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I am looking at an AnthionII dualcore,20"HD LED widescreen,6gb ram,1tb Hdd,HP 3000 printer for $500. or AnthionII quadore, 23",8gb, 1tb Hdd, HP3000 printer for $600. 3 people will be using it for browsing, facebook, etc. photos[and editing]. a lot of online poker. also going to hook up computer with HDMI cable to bigscreen tv to order MLB.com baseball package which broadcasts all games. Are either of these good for our purposes, performance, longevity. is thequadcore worth the extra hundred considering our purposes . i also like listening to music in good to high quality range . Is video or sound card a major factor at this point , or is thatsomething to consider afterwards? Dont know what video card is with computer-any warnings? input would be appreciated . Thank you muchly, Joe B
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