Maximum size SSD HDD for Gateway P-7811FX

Hi there. Just want to see if anyone knows what the maximum SSD HDD is that I can use to in my Gateway P-7811FX laptop. I want to upgrade both my memory and HDD. I don't see a configuration option for RAID in my BIOS which I have updated about a year ago. Do I have to get 2 identical drives to make use of what I assume is Striping/RAID 0? I have the 2 OEM HDDs installed at the moment. Thanks
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  1. If you are using Windows XP and older the maximum size HDD or SSD is 2TB.
    If you are using Windows 7 or 8 you can use any size HDD or SSD.

    Your laptop does not support RAID so you will have to use your HDDs as separate drives.
  2. Thanks a lot! That's very helpful.
  3. you do have he option of using softwware raid, which is nearly as good as chipset raid anyways.
  4. Cool thanks. Will remember that.
    How is my laptop set up to run those 2 HDDs as 1?
  5. Had a look and only now saw that I only had 1 HDD installed. I assumed there were 2, but saw that the other side only had the HDD holder. Thanks
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