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I am trying to decide between ST31000524AS and WD10EZRX 1TB hard disks, Not sure which one to go with my intel dh67cl and intel I5-2500K, 4gb RAM. Please help me which one to go and why?
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  1. The seagate will be faster as green drive are just for storage... i can suggest WD blue like this one :
  2. Could you please explain what are the advantages and why would you recommend WD blue?
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    WD blue are the mainstream version of the black and i used 2 in raid 1 for 1 and half years without any issues, they were detected by the raid controller without any update or problems...

    WD blue are also really fast (not sure of the real difference between black and blue as the speed are pretty much the same in the 1TB sized drive)

    I know black have 5 years of warranty and blue 2 but the blue is surely as fast as the seagate you've linked...

    My past raid was with seagate drives (4X250gb) and it was always crashed, needed to rebuild my array at 2-3 months interval and 2 drives failed on me after 1 years, then i changed for blue and now 1.5 years still running good and i don't need to rebuild my array as drives crash..

    That's why i recommend WD Blue

    The actual difference is only the brand (i trust more WD than seagate now)
  4. Thank you so much for sharing this information!!
  5. Basically, the green drives are entry level, with "green features" that allow for power savings, and should be considered the entry level drive from WD. The blue drives have cache from 2MB to 16MB and a 2 year warranty, and are the mid range drive. The black drives have up to 64MB of cache and a 5 year warranty, and are designed for performance/reliability. The red drives are standard 64MB of cache, 3 year warranty and are designed for NAS/RAID environments.

    In my primary PC's - I use the WD Black drives (primary gaming, wife's computer, HTPC). For my non-essential PC's - I use the WD Blue drives (guest computer, test computer). The black drives will work well in almost any configuration, from single drive to RAID.

    Seagate makes good drives - but I will choose Western Digital over any manufacturer of drives....just my opinion...
  6. Drive speed/performance can be determined by several factors:
    1) Cache (most important - higher = faster)
    2) RPM (almost as important - higher = faster)
    3) Interface (SATA III best, SATA II mid, SATA I entry). I rated this lowest, as most hard drives can't fully take advantage over the 6GB/s transfer rates - you need SSD to take full advantage of it.
  7. IMO, the differences in cache are of little importance. The most significant difference between the ST31000524AS and the WD10EZRX is in data density. The Seagate HDD has two 500GB platters whereas the WD has a single 1TB platter. This factor outweighs the Seagate's faster spin speed, 7200RPM versus 5400.
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